In Bluffdale, UT, residential and commercial property owners need a company they can trust
for reliable landscape and property maintenance services. A property maintenance company
should offer more than just lawn mowing services, as every yard and business can have
unique needs. Here’s what experts provide:

a) Window Washing/Cleaning

Windows are often one of the first things visitors notice about a property. With a trusted
company’s window washing services, you can ensure your windows are clean and streak-
free for a polished look.

Window cleaning involves wiping and vacuuming the frames and sills and washing the glass.
Companies often use special detergents and squeegees to provide a professional clean that
won’t leave spots or streaks behind. They use environmentally-friendly products and
methods to ensure the safety of your family, guests, or customers.

b) Power/Pressure Washing

Power or pressure washing is a great way to remove dirt, grime, mildew, and other debris
from hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks. It can also be used outside
buildings for a more thorough clean than what window washing can provide. Experts use
specialized equipment that delivers powerful streams of water at varying pressure levels, so
they can clean without causing damage to your property.

c) Snow Removal

When winter weather strikes, it’s essential to have a plan in place for snow removal. A
reliable company can provide various services, such as:

1) Plowing: Plowing is a popular form of snow removal. This involves removing accumulated
snow from sidewalks and driveways with specialized equipment such as a truck-mounted

2) Shoveling: Shoveling can effectively clear stubborn snow in areas where plowing is
unavailable. Choosing the correct type of shovel for the job is essential, such as a snow
pusher or a flat-blade shovel.

3) Ice melt: When melting snow is no longer an option, ice melt can be used to clear
sidewalks and driveways of hazardous black ice. It’s essential to use the correct product
type for each surface – rock salt or calcium chloride – to prevent damage and ensure the job
is done correctly.

Call Jar Solutions in Bluffdale, UT, for the best in landscape and property maintenance,
window washing, power pressure washing, and snow removal services. Our team of
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home and business. With our top-notch equipment and years of experience in the industry,
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