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Commercial flooring is prone to
a lot of traffic

This foot traffic causes your floors to become dull and stained. When this occurs, regular cleaning will not bring your flooring back to life. Jar Solutions provides commercial strip and wax services to Bluffdale and the surrounding areas of Utah. Our team understands the different types of flooring and which method will be best for the project. If your floors have lost their luster, give us a call. We can work around your businesses hours to ensure your floors are perfect and ready for the next workday!

Comprehensive cleaning
Strip and Wax Services

The process of stripping and waxing commercial floors is quite simple but does take time. We never strip and wax floors when workers or clients are present. The first step involves stripping the floor; this is completed using specific chemicals. Once stripped, the floor is neutralized. Once this is completed, three coats of wax are applied to the flooring. Once the wax has dried, your flooring will be free of stains and look new again. This is the most widespread type of floor cleaning for most commercial properties.

The strip and wax method not only leaves you with a presentable and clean facility but also prolongs the life of your flooring. Commercial flooring often becomes badly stained; luckily, Jar Solutions is here to help our Bluffdale businesses. We can transform your dirty and stained flooring into shiny, clean flooring overnight! We have a floor cleaning solution for all your commercial flooring needs – Guaranteed.

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