Like any other country, commercial properties in Bluffdale, UT, require specialized attention to ensure an attractive and inviting exterior. This is why many business owners look to landscape and property maintenance professionals for help. Expert property maintenance and cleaning services can help keep your commercial property in top condition while preventing future damage.

Here’s what is involved in landscape and property maintenance services:

Property Maintenance Services

Commercial spaces like banks, office buildings, and retail stores all have unique property maintenance needs:

1) Handyman services include anything from minor repairs to larger projects.

2) Interior and exterior painting and pressure washing of buildings and walkways.

3) Repairs and maintenance of fixtures, plumbing, and electrical systems.

4) Installing or replacing gutters and downspouts.

5) Remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots during winter.

6) Regular lawn mowing and trimming of trees and hedges.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscaping is essential to owning and enjoying a home or commercial property. It requires regular maintenance to ensure it is kept in top condition and looks its best. Landscape maintenance involves:

1) Lawn Care includes regular mowing and trimming, fertilizing the grass, and overseeding and repairing bare spots.

2) Pruning & Tree Care – Regular pruning of trees and shrubs can help promote growth and improve their appearance. It also helps with air circulation around the property.

3) Weed Control – Weed control is essential for keeping the landscape neat and preventing potential damage to other plants.

4) Edging & Mulching – Edging and mulching help define a lawn’s borders and reduce weed growth while adding texture and color.

5) Sprinklers and Irrigation – Installing and maintaining an irrigation system is essential for keeping the lawn and garden areas hydrated and healthy.

6) Planting & Plant Care – Planting new plants, trees, bushes, and flowers can help upgrade a home’s curb appeal.

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