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Commercial exterior
Power Washing

If you own a company, you realize that the exterior of your business accumulates a lot of dirt and debris from the elements. Jar Solutions provides Bluffdale businesses with exterior power and pressure washing solutions. Pressure washing creates a more attractive exterior and extends the life and value of your property.

What Is The Key Difference
Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

Power and pressure washing are both used on the exterior of your property, but what is the difference? Power washing is used for heavily soiled areas that require heat to remove dirt, mildew, rust, and salt. Pressure washing is used on more delicate areas like brick, masonry, and siding. Jar Solutions offers both power and pressure washing for commercial properties in and around Bluffdale, UT.

Exterior Areas
That Can Be Power Washed and Pressure Washed

Commercial properties need regular power and pressure washing to ensure the property is clean and safe. Jar Solutions offers complete power and pressure washing services to businesses in and around Bluffdale, UT.

Below are some areas that we commonly power and pressure wash:


Gas Stations

Parking Lots
Exterior of Buildings
Concrete Surfaces

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If it is on the exterior of your business, it can likely be power or pressure washed. We use top-of-the-line products and environmentally friendly chemicals for our power washing. This ensures your property is cleaned correctly, all while protecting the environment. If the exterior of your property is looking dirty or drab, power or pressure washing is the best choice.